South London Back Garden. To be built Autumn 2019

Artists’s impression

The client was fed up with strips of thin borders and an unslightly concrete path creating a thin-looking, long garden. Now the children are a bit older, the long grass lawn is not so necessary.

The Brief

To create a journey through the garden that meandered from the house and allowed for bigger flower borders which would be filled with a mixture of bulbs, perennials, shrubs and small trees to extend the season of interest. There would be as little intervention as possible on the boundaries and many existing plants would be salvaged to re-use in the new design thereby both saving on the budget and preserving as much wildlife as possible.

The design

Garden overivew

A small lawn area would be retained near to the house but stepping stones would lead to a brick path that zig-zagged to the back of the garden. A new stone patio on the sunny side of the garden would be a stop off point to sit with a cup of tea. A yew hedge hides the shed and the working part of the garden – compost bins and a raised bed for fruit and veg.

The simple, strong layout widens the garden and allows the planting to take pride of place, softening edges and letting the journey away from the house unfold as you walk through the space. Small, strategically placed trees would break up the view and create visual interest throughout the year.