BBC Gardeners World Live

The Beautiful Borders category at GWL is ever popular. Tessa has designed a border to highlight the need for resilient gardens in a changing climate.

A garden in microcosm, the border has at its apex a beautiful water butt to encourage people to harvest water when it rains to use on the garden when it’s dry. To one side of the butt are plants that thrive in damp soils and to the other, Tessa progressively uses plants that like dry conditions.

The show is in June so all the plants will be those that are at their best at that time.

Artists impression
A Resilient Garden in a Changing Climate

Crystal Palace Back Garden Re-design

The client wanted to create a journey from the house to the rear of the garden. To create this a brick path would replace the old, uninteresting concrete one. A small patio on the sunny, south-facing side of the garden would be a stopping off spot to sit with a cup of tea or cool drink. The path continues to the end of the garden past flower borders and a yew hedge ending at the working end of the garden.

A small lawn is retained and a new herb border created nearest to the house. The existing wisteria will be trained over a new western red cedar bespoke pergola.

To be built September 2019.

Plan view