Balham back garden

After having had a new extension built into the side return the client wanted, if possible, to re-use the york stone removed from the side return in the redesigned garden. The grass, over time and as a result of the building works, had been damaged beyond repair. The client decided it would be easier not to have to maintain a lawn so the design has utilised the stone to create a pathway from back door to raised seating area at the end of the garden. The flower borders are larger and will be spilling over with plants beneficial for wildlife with a long season of interest.

Construction completed January 2020 by Edward Davies Design

Composite artist’s impression
Garden awaiting plants
June 2020
June 2020
July 2020
Late October 2020

Chatsworth Way, SE27

The borders in this lovely, large, leafy, north-facing back garden in West Norwood had seen better days. The clients two boys loved playing football in the garden and so it had not been thought the right time to re-design the borders until now.

The main border had been edged with a raised wooden border come casual seating and the clients wanted to re-create this in some way for at least part of the the border. It was decided to have oak sleepers for the entirety of the border with actual seats at intervals along the top of the sleepers thus opening up views to the plants behind.

The clients wanted lots of colour nearest to house which can be viewed from the kitchen and as you moved further into the garden it would become less cultivated and in keeping with the woodland feel of the mature trees.

The edging and planting was completed in late October.

Original edging and seat design
Artist’s impression of border nearest to the house