Deciding to change your garden from re-planting borders to completely changing your outdoor space can feel like a big step. It is also very exciting.

Firstly Tessa is interested to find out what her client wants from their garden. She will ask questions to open up the conversation and put her client at ease. Listening to what a client wants is key.


Once the client has decided to formerly go ahead with the design Tessa will view the existing garden, surveying the current space which will form the basis for the new garden. However small or large, it is important to get a feel for the garden and what surrounds it. The hortus loci or spirit of place informs the design. This may be outside the boundaries – views that want to be opened up or unsightly eyesores that need to be disguised.


This meeting will also be a brainstorming session with the client to ascertain likes and dislikes; style – contemporary, cottage garden, low maintenance always with an eye on how to encourage wildlife to survive and thrive; colour; how the garden will be used. This will all inform the design. Plants will be discussed – how keen a gardener the client is, how much time they have to look after the garden.


Armed with all this information Tessa will go away and design the garden.

The next meeting will be to present the design with a master plan supported by sketches, mood board and plant suggestions. At this stage the client will approve the design. When all is agreed, Tessa will draw up the final design along with all documentation needed to build the garden.

Further Work

Tessa can help the client find a landscape contractor to build the garden, either by recommending a preferred landscaper or by putting the design out to tender for quotes.

tessa parikian garden design can source and supply plants and during construction can project monitor the works by attending the site once a week to ensure the work is progressing as per the design and liaise with the landscape contractor on any minor issues that might arise.


If the client needs help to keep their new garden looking lovely, tessa parikian garden design can help maintain the planted areas for the first 12 months and instruct the client on how best to look after their garden.